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Greetings from Amrutha Super Speciality Hospital.

Amrutha Hospital (AH) is a Super Speciality Hospital located in Nelamangala South Bangalore with well experienced team of dedicated health care professionals.

AH provides the highest standard quality of clinical expertise and nursing care, we have one level up with the latest technology and hospital facilities. Founders of AH are from middle class family who has a vision of providing luxury medical services to rural area people in an affordable price.

We provide rapid assessment, intervention and treatment for medical and surgical related conditions.

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Amrutha Hospital Vision


Amrutha Hospital Vision



Greetings from Amrutha Super Speciality Hospital.

Dr. Basanth Kumar HS

Nephrologist/Renal Specialist

Dr. Lakshman Kongwad

Consultant Neurosurgeon

Dr. Manjunatha S

Urologist, Andrologist & Renal Transplant Surgeon

Dr. Dharma Kumar K G

Oncologist Surgeon

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