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Orthopedics With Amrutha Hospital

Are you looking for a reliable orthopedic doctor in Bangalore? Amrutha Hospital is here to assist. Our orthopedic doctors can handle diverse specializations proficiently. They attend weekly academic workshops to upgrade skills. With an average experience of 15 years, these doctors strive for 100% infected cases and fewer revisions through customized treatment plans involving patient counseling. Consult now!

Orthopedics deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of conditions related to bones, joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles. At Amrutha Hospital, our 200-strong orthopedic team offers comprehensive services for various musculoskeletal disorders. As a leading orthopedic hospital in Nelamangala, Bangalore, we utilize cutting-edge technologies and techniques to restore patients’ mobility and minimize their pain. We specialize in joint replacements, spine surgeries, trauma management and much more to provide effective solutions through our patient-centric care model.

Services and treatments

Our highly qualified team of orthopedic doctor in Bangalore provide a wide array of services including:

Joint Replacements

Our team conducts over 1000 joint replacement surgeries annually. We perform total knee replacement, hip replacement and shoulder arthroplasty using advanced techniques like MAKOplasty. This enables precise implant positioning through 3D patient-specific navigated guidance.

Spine Care

Our expert spinal surgeons conduct microdiscectomy to treat herniated discs using endoscopic guidance. For degenerative disc disorders, we perform lumbar fusion surgery. We also conduct vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty to fix spinal fractures in a minimally invasive way.

Trauma Management

Our level 1 trauma center operates round the clock to treat injuries from road accidents and sports. We have expertise in open reduction and internal fixations using customized plates, nails and screws post evaluating fractures through high resolution imaging.

Sports Medicine

Our physiotherapists design personalized plans involving ultrasound therapy, acupressure and specific exercises to accelerate recovery of athletes from sports injuries. We also conduct pre-participation fitness evaluations.

Paediatric Orthopedics

Our board-certified paediatric orthopaedic surgeons treat children for conditions like clubfoot, bone infections and hip injuries. Using special implants and pediatric-specific soft tissue techniques, we ensure effective care without growth deformities.

Why choose Amrutha hospitals

As a JCI accredited hospital, we have unmatched infrastructure for orthopedic care. Our team has pioneered multiple robotic techniques and has excellent outcomes. We emphasize seamless coordination between departments to aid early recovery and are among the most preferred choices for joint replacement hospital in Bangalore. Most importantly, we pursue the philosophy of compassionate care through every stage of treatment.

With fully equipped modern OTs, ICUs, specialized ward and traction unit, our infrastructure is geared to handle advanced surgeries along with post-operative care. Patients also benefit from tailored physiotherapy programs in our rehabilitation center.

Our team of stellar orthopedic surgeons have rich experience across specialities and complex cases. Known for their practical knowledge and personal touch, these professionals are dedicated to delivering the best clinical results

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for a joint replacement surgery?

It involves preliminary tests, consulting an orthopedician, signing consent forms & surgery under general/spinal anesthesia followed by physiotherapy.

How long will rehab take after knee replacement?

It depends on individual fitness levels but usually 3 months of regular physiotherapy sessions helps recover 90% motion.

Can arthritis be treated without surgery?

In early stages, lifestyle changes along with medications & physiotherapy can provide relief. But advanced cases may need joint replacement for painless mobility.

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State-of-art ORs with 3T MRI, DEXA Scan, 25 bedded unit with special nursing, and Custom-made Implants make Amrutha Hospital the top ortho hospital in Nelamangala Bangalore. With us you get physiotherapy under expert physios to regain motion and also we have fully equipped emergency trauma center. So, do not hesitate and get your appointment with us booked now!


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