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Kidney Stone Treatment at Amrutha Hospital

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Our urology team together have over 30 years of stone expertise in managing all complexities. A dedicated team of radiologists, anesthesiologists, nurses and technicians ensures smooth monitoring through modern lithotripters, scopes and imaging equipment like KUB X-rays, CT scans. Meticulous discharge planning and follow up care aid long term stone-free status.

Kidney stones have become an increasing issue globally affecting people across age groups. At Amrutha Hospital, we are committed to offering comprehensive and effective Kidney stone treatment in Bangalore. Led by some of the Best Doctors For Kidney Stone Treatment In Bangalore, our urology department is among the top stone management facilities in the city. With a success rate of over 90%, we utilize the latest minimally invasive technologies as well as conventional methods to resolve stone issues safely and affordably.

Services We Provide

Explore the services we can help you with in terms of Kidney stones treatment below:

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL):
This non-invasive procedure employs high-energy shockwaves to break large stones without any incision. Our advanced ESWL machine enables precise targeting of fragments sized up to 2cm for passage. Post procedure, our Best Kidney Stone Hospital in Bangalore ensures low pain and faster recovery through careful monitoring.

For stones located in the kidney or ureter, our urologists perform highly dexterous procedures using miniature cameras and laser probes. Through a tiny incision, the scope helps visualize and break stones into tiny pieces for easy washing out. Rigid or flexible scopes depending on stone position help achieve high stone-free rates with minimal or no scarring.

Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL):
Kidney stones more than 2cm in size or not responding to other options warrant the PCNL technique done under anesthesia. It involves the creation of a small channel directly into the kidney through which probes are inserted. Holmium laser or ultrasonic power delivers fragmented pieces into a drainage catheter secured in place. Our expert radiologists ensure precision and effectiveness through imaging guidance.

Metabolic Evaluation and Medical Management:
Our department explores causes, does 24-hour urinalysis and dietary plans to prevent recurrence. The Best Kidney Stone Hospital in Bangalore also individually tailors long term medication and supplements to regulate urine composition and inhibit further formation of stones. This significantly reduces risks of future episodes.

Why Choose Us for Respective Treatment?

We are the Best Kidney Stone Hospital in Bangalore offering highly skilled expertise, individualized care and world-class amenities focused on quality outcomes. Our team led by the Best Doctors For Kidney Stone Treatment In Bangalore utilize minimally invasive technologies lowering risks while achieving stone-free rates far higher than open surgeries. At Amrutha, Kidney stone treatment in Bangalore is affordable yet complemented by premium services spreading comfort and convenience. You can rely on our experience of successfully managing over 5000 cases.

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At Amrutha Hospital, we house the best infrastructure in Bangalore for urological surgery. Our modular OT fitted with C-arm image intensifier enables complex endoscopic procedures. State-of-the-art Dornier Delta II ESWL and flexible/semi rigid ureteroscopes backed by advanced imaging provide optimal treatment across sizes and locations. 24/7 ICU care secures patient comfort and safety with stringent hygiene protocols during recovery. Book Your Appointment Now!

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