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We have a dedicated team of doctors, endocrinologists, cardiologists, nurses and dieticians specialized in adult and geriatric care. Our Family Doctor in Bangalore has over 15 years’ experience managing a wide spectrum of illnesses. Our Best General Physician In Bangalore supervises all medical proceedings encompassing preventive, acute and critical situations.

At Amrutha Hospital, our General Medicine department is helmed by some of the Best General Physicians In Bangalore. Our team of Family Doctors in Bangalore has decades of experience in providing comprehensive primary healthcare services. As a Family Physician in Bangalore, we believe in taking a holistic approach to diagnose, treat and support patients with a wide array of medical conditions affecting the body. Backed by our modern infrastructure and specialist professionals, she ensures the highest standard of medical care for patients.

Services We Provide

General Health Check-Up
Our annual preventive health package is overseen by the Best General Medicine Doctor in Bangalore. It involves detailed physical examination, standard blood & urine tests along with specialized investigations based on age, medical history and lifestyle. This helps detect silent illnesses early and identify risk factors to be addressed. Our Family Physician in Bangalore advises personalized modifications for nutrition, exercise and stress management tailored to each individual’s needs.

Diabetes Screening & Management
As one of India’s leading hospitals, we are committed to fighting the diabetes epidemic. Apart from basic blood glucose tests, we provide advanced HbA1c analysis to screen for and diagnose Types 1 and 2 diabetes. For patients diagnosed, our Best General Physician In Bangalore prescribes comprehensive dietary, fitness, medication and monitoring plans. This empowers them to effectively manage sugar levels long-term without complications.

Heart Ailments
Given the high prevalence of cardiac issues, we equip our cardiology department with advanced technology like ECG, 2D Echo, TMT and imaging. Our Family Doctor in Bangalore personally oversees diagnosis of conditions like chest pain, hypertension, arrhythmias etc through detailed evaluation. Long-term care involves counseling on lifestyle changes, medicines and periodic review to effectively treat heart diseases.

Critical Care Medicine
With our General Ward and fully-staffed ICU, we can effectively handle medical emergencies and other critical illnesses. Experienced intensive care specialists and nurses monitor patients round-the-clock with ventilator, defibrillator and other life-support facilities. This ensures the Best General Physician In Bangalore is well-equipped to deliver intensive care and maximize chances of recovery.

Adult Vaccination
We recognize preventive healthcare’s importance. Our vaccination services offer all routine adult vaccines for influenza, pneumonia, human papilloma virus, hepatitis and more. This is overseen by our Family Doctor in Bangalore to help patients gain effective immunity against communicable diseases in a risk-free manner. All vaccines are duly licensed and follow latest medical protocols.

Post COVID-19 Rehabilitation
With rising post-COVID complications, we started specialized services to assess and support recovery from long-term effects. Our Board-certified Best General Physician In Bangalore supervises pulmonary rehabilitation therapy as well as follow-up care addressing related issues in other vital organs and the mind. Individualized treatment regimens aid full functionality in the quickest time.

Asthma & Allergy
Our respiratory physicians diagnose the condition accurately and assess severity through investigative tests and clinical examination. Our Family Doctor in Bangalore then counsels patients on long-term medicines, usage of inhalers, avoidance of triggers and care during exacerbations to effectively control symptoms of asthma/allergies over time.

Geriatric Care
We understand health concerns differ for seniors. Hence, our special senior screening package comprehensively evaluates those over 65 years through clinical assessments, laboratory tests and imaging. Prescriptions and lifestyle advice by the Best General Physician In Bangalore aim to maximize quality of life as one grows older. Our physiotherapy services also assist independent mobility.


Why Choose Us for Respective Treatment?

Our General Medicine team led by the Best General Physician In Bangalore offers affordable and evidence-based health solutions tailored to individual needs. The expertise of our Family Doctors In Bangalore combined with state-of-the-art facilities and supportive staff enables comprehensive primary an secondary healthcare services under one roof. You can rely on our high standards of safety and experience in obtaining quality treatment with positive outcomes across acute, chronic and preventive areas of medicine.

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