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Advanced Obstetrics & Gynecology at Amrutha Hospital, Nelamangala’s Leading Women’s Health Center

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Obstetrics and Gynecology With Amrutha Hospital

Are you looking for a reliable gynaecology hospital in Bangalore? Led by spearhead specialties with rich capabilities in high-risk pregnancies and complex surgeries respectively, Amrutha Hospitals has to be your go-to choice. The team attends extensive training programs regularly to incorporate new advances into clinical management. Book your consultation with us now!

The Obstetrics and Gynecology department at Amrutha Hospital is dedicated to delivering comprehensive care to women across all ages and stages of life. Led by highly trained specialists, we offer a wide spectrum of services for issues relating to pregnancy, childbirth, women’s health and infertility. Our multidisciplinary team leverages cutting-edge medical and surgical interventions through a patient-centric approach. As a top gynaecology hospital in Bangalore, we are committed to empowering women through exceptional clinical outcomes and caring experiences.

Services and Treatments

Our proficient team of doctors in Bangalore provide a wide array of services including:

Antenatal & Postnatal Care

Our antenatal care centers have separate registration, waiting & examination areas. Experienced obstetricians conduct detailed ultrasounds & non-stress tests. We provide personalized diet & exercise routines and address concerns via dedicated app.

Labor & Delivery

Our LDR rooms have comfortable delivery beds, fetal monitoring & integration with emergency OTs. We utilize various pain relief options like epidurals, nerve blocks. Doctors & midwives remain by the mother’s side during delivery & first hour of postpartum recovery.

Gynecological Surgeries

Our gynecologic oncology unit conducts radical hysterectomies & other advanced cancer surgeries. Laparoscopic specialists perform endometriosis excision, cyst removal and myolysis for PCOS. We also conduct radical vaginal hysterectomies, UAE for clients seeking permanent contraception.

Infertility Management

Our reproduction center houses modern IVF lab, embryology & clinical areas. Experts conduct IUI, IVF using ICSI, Assisted Hatching along with egg/sperm freezing & banking. We have achieved high success rates via individualized fertility stimulation protocols.


Our gynecologists leverage advanced laparoscopic instruments in minimal access endoscopic surgeries for ovarian drilling, polycystic ovaries, adhesiolysis and diagnostic procedures like chromopertubation. Clients experience faster recovery with less scarring.

PCOS & Menopause Clinic

Reproductive endocrinologists counsel women regarding insulin resistance, metformin, lifestyle changes to manage PCOS. For menopause, we recommend HRT, lifestyle tweaks as well as medication options like Primotesterone, Sermonova to ease symptoms.


Why Choose Amrutha Hospitals?

As a well-furbished bedded hospital, our sprawling premises house state-of-art labor rooms, operation theatres and sophisticated imaging modalities alongside a competent team of doctors, midwives and support staff. We pride ourselves on low C-section rates, NABH accreditation and more than 15,000 successful deliveries over the past decade. Our NICU is among the best-equipped in Bangalore providing highest survival rates for preterm babies.

We boast state-of-art labor operating rooms, a level 3 NICU, dedicated postnatal ward, modern diagnostic equipment like 3D/4D ultrasound with color doppler for accurate imaging support treatment.

Our team can handle specializations proficiently with expertise in high risk obstetrics, oncosurgery and complex infertility cases. All these aspects makes us one of the top names in the Bangalore.

Frequently Asked Questions

What testing is required during pregnancy?

Routine checks include blood tests, ultrasound scans, glucose screening test done periodically to monitor mother and baby’s health and detect any issues.

Can Gestational Diabetes be prevented?

While risk factors like family history or weight cannot be changed, leading a healthy lifestyle with balanced diet, exercise and yearly checks can help lower the chances.

What is involved in an infertility workup?

It includes tests to check hormone and ultrasound scans of reproductive organs, semen analysis, ovulation and tubal tests to determine the cause of difficulty in conceiving and plan the treatment approach.

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Equipped with advanced labor beds with fetal monitoring, labor operating rooms, 24×7 blood bank, level 3 NICU, ultra-sonography with color doppler, colposcopy, bone densitometry makes our infrastructure the most proficient in Bangalore and around. So, if you are looking for the top pregnancy care hospital in Bangalore, then book your appointment with us now!

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